A&M is focused on expanding its solutions to provide customers the means to reduce carbon emissions throughout their operations.

Protecting our future by taking responsibility

Our work is distinguished by its care for people, the environment, and society. We maintain a close dialogue with our clients. We take great responsibility for the recycling and management of waste. And we are constantly innovating our processes and technologies to create safe, efficient and sustainable workplaces for all of our clients.

We are committed to solving one of the biggest challenges in mining: Waste

Our goal is to help support our client’s efforts to achieve sustainable outcomes, and net-zero commitments while increasing production and adding value to the bottom line.

Below are the three pillars of our Sustainability Strategy:

Maintaining a safe work place. Our team is fully committed to ensure your operations are supported by systematic improvements across relevant processes. We are here to ensure you meet your EHS goals.

A&M Remediation is taking part in environmental protection programs across North America. We are here to help reduce waste, sort waste on site and recycle or reuse whenever possible.

Limiting risk for greater stability and efficiency. We are here to help you establish and sustain a safe environment. We know that personal injury on site can jeopardise your employees well-being, but also put your operations at risk.

Improving the Health of the Planet

It is our mission to guide our clients into reducing carbon emissions and transforming how they handle industrial waste. We offer environmental value to our clients and conduct our business in a way that will have a significant positive change in waste to landfill outputs. Our vision in action Our business model supports a circular economy that encourages our clients to capture value from their waste. We look at the full scope of our client’s industrial scrap to determine what assets can be reused, recovered, or repurposed for future use.

Tangible Impacts

We’ve diverted 120,000 litres of waste oil from entering landfills. That’s the equivalent of running your garden hose 24 hours a day for 12 weeks!
We have processed 50,000 bins of industrial waste, enough to fill 80 Olympic-sized swimming pools. By sorting, recycling and compacting this waste we were able to reduce it to 3 Olympic-sized pools.

Social Inclusivity

Our goal is to maintain a workplace culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. We believe in equal opportunity and growth and will continue to support under-represented groups in obtaining careers in the mining industry.

Our mission will always be to provide a safe workplace where everyone can feel comfortable and appreciated.

Our Vision in action.

One of our initiatives in supporting equal opportunity and growth is to use our resources to provide experience, training, and employment for our First Nations community members.

We’ve also created a First Nations training program for A&M Staff and partners to learn more about First Nation’s history culture, and values. This will help facilitate healthy working relationships, as well as provide insight into the land we reside on. We are early leaders in developing working with our clients to support community understanding programs and we continue to work closely with local communities to build good relations.

Responsible Business Practices

We conduct our business in ways that promote the health and safety of our employees. We are committed to achieving our goal of zero harm across all of our operations.

Our Vision in action.

We monitor compliance to OHSA standard and give our employees the training and support they need to identify opportunities to improve safety performance and to mitigate any hazards.

We have a process of investigating any potential hazards in our work areas and a system of communication to ensure we continue to conduct safe operations at all levels.